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6 Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your AC Installation

AC Installation

The air conditioner that cools your Zebulon, NC, home is a significant investment in your comfort, safety and efficiency. Learn more about six steps that you can take to keep your AC installation running for as long as possible, delaying the need for replacement.

Change Your Air Filter Often

When your AC installation draws air from your living space to cool it, the air first passes through a filter. This filter catches all impurities in the air to ensure the AC installation recirculates clean air.

This component allows your home occupants to avoid issues related to poor indoor air quality, such as nasal congestion, running nose, headaches, sneezing, watery eyes and throat irritations. It also prevents the contaminants in your indoor air from entering the air conditioner and clogging the system’s components.

Over time, the filter catches multiple impurities and blocks them. Air cannot pass freely through a clogged filter. Consequently, your air conditioner works for a longer period than usual, trying to get enough air for cooling.

The harder your AC installation works, the more its components become worn out. Get a new air filter for your system regularly to address airflow issues. Set a reminder on your phone every 30-90 days if you’re forgetful.

Schedule Maintenance for Your AC Installation

With time, the moving components of your air conditioner run out of lubrication, resulting in increased friction that damages these parts. Also, dirt and debris build up on the parts, making them work harder than usual.

Maintenance services keep your AC system’s components clean and well-lubricated, reducing friction and ensuring your system doesn’t have to work for a longer period than usual. The service technicians also fix all loose connections, replace any worn-out components and ensure the thermostat relays signals to the AC system without interruptions.

Avoid DIY Air Conditioner Repairs

When an air conditioner breaks down, some homeowners prefer seeking DIY inspiration online to fix the underlying problem. What they don’t know is that DIY repairs have more harmful effects than any perceived benefits.

You can easily damage your system components while attempting to fix them since you don’t have the right tools and enough experience for the job. Some damages may be so severe that you may need to replace your AC system. To avoid such incidents, request a certified service technician to repair your air conditioner whenever it malfunctions rather than attempting DIY AC repairs.

Take Care of the Outdoor Unit

After the refrigerant absorbs heat from your indoor air, it flows to the outdoor coil, where it releases the heat to the surroundings. The coil should always be clean for the heat transfer process to occur.

The area surrounding the outdoor unit should also be clear to promote unobstructed airflow. Therefore, uproot any bushes surrounding the outdoor unit and request a service technician to clean the outdoor coil if it’s dirty.

Clear Around Your Supply Vents

The air from your air conditioner enters your living space through the vents. If there is furniture blocking the vents or the vents are dirty, the cooled air from your system won’t reach your living space.

The thermostat prompts the air conditioner to continue working when the air from the system doesn’t get to your living space. Clean your vents and ensure your furniture isn’t too close to the vents so that air from your AC system can reach your living space.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat monitors your air conditioner and alerts you when it’s time to change the air filter or schedule maintenance services. These alerts help you to address issues before they deteriorate, thus ensuring your AC installation stays in good condition at all times.

Adopting these tips will ensure you don’t have to look for a new AC system every few years. Call Modern Mechanical HVAC for professional air conditioning services today.

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